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For Hedge Funds  

For Proprietary Trading Firms  

At Senex Solutions, we manage the unique requirements of trading Futures, Foreign Exchange, Options, Equities, Cash Bonds, and other instruments in today’s markets.

We can tailor many services to meet your specific needs, such as:

  • Managing and reporting trade allocations to clearing brokers
  • Providing daily reconciliation to clearing brokers
  • Generating daily financial information
  • Generating daily position reports for the firm and traders
  • Managing all aspects of fund and investor accounting including:
    • Incentive and management fee calculations
    • Management reporting for your clients
    • Year end tax information
  • Serving as a year-end audit liaison
  • Providing advisory and other services needed for professional back office management

Other benefits include helping you:

  • Avoid opening multiple brokerage accounts for every trader and instrument
  • Trade similar accounts as one bulk and letting us allocate the trades using a self-refining allocation algorithm
  • Obtain the management and client reports you need on short notice

Senex Solutions, LLC